Tori Spelling Says Third Pregnancy Is Harder

Tori is having a rough summer.

Tori Spelling has been having a rough week. First her run-in with the paparazzi at her child’s preschool, and then all the backlash on the incident. Some claimed she acting like a pampered princess by tweeting about the incident. Others claimed her hormones made her act hysterical.

Pregnancy can be difficult even when out of the mass public scrutiny that Tori is under, and she admits that this pregnancy is hitting her harder than the first two did.

She tells US Weekly:

“I had a pretty rough first trimester just with the typical nausea and being tired, but I’m also a working mom so that doesn’t help and having two toddlers you forget what that’s like,” she said. “Now I have two that I have to deal with while pregnant so it’s harder.”

Tori is due with baby number 3 in October and is already mom to Stella, 2, and Liam, 4.


Image: Pacific Coast News


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