Tori Spelling: Taco Nights, Her Kids, And Her "Rockstar" Husband (Photos)


Tori Spelling isn’t letting little rumors about her private life get in the way of her happiness. Instead, the celebrity mother and former actress is doing what she does best (and what she has been doing for years now): concentrating on her family and her marriage and letting the world know that nothing is going to break her determination to show the world that everything is in fact, all right.

The crafty mama has been posting photos on her Instagram account of her enjoying quality time with her kids (which includes Friday night Taco nights!), her husband Dean hanging out with them at the ice rink and of course, some of their New Year’s celebration shots.

Tori is giving us a message and that message is: everything is fine. Check out our photos below from her Instagram account and let us know your thoughts.

Photos via Instagram

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