Tori Spelling To Candy: Stop Spoiling My Kids!


Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott with their kids Stella and LiamThe ongoing mother-daughter spat between Tori and Candy Spelling continues.  While the two appeared to have reconciled recently, it looks like  Grandma Candy is acting up and threatening to drive a wedge between the two generations of Spelling women.  But is Candy’s behavior that bad?

According to Tori, the answer is yes.  Despite her requests that her mom  stop overindulging her kids, Stella and Liam, Candy can’t help herself and continues to be a doting grandma, showering her grandchildren with presents.   Tori and husband Dean are trying to raise the kids with some semblance of normalcy and feel that Candy is not abiding by their wishes.   Obviously, having grown up with a silver spoon herself (in a mansion  larger than the White House!),  Tori certainly knows the dangers of a gilded cage.

But while she frets over spoiling and  her kids feeling a sense of entitlement,  shouldn’t Tori also worry about the effects of putting her kids in the spotlight as stars in their own reality show, Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood? We think bringing cameras into her living room might be even more dangerous than a pricey doll collection from Grandma.    Do you agree?