Tori Spelling Tweets Hattie Baby Photo!

Tori Spelling baby Hattie photo Twitter tweet
Tori Spelling shares baby Hattie photo!

Tori Spelling shared a sweet baby Hattie photo today… only, it’s not quite as much of Hattie as we’d like to see!

Still, Tori Spelling fans no doubt got in their share of “awwws” when they clicked on Tori’s tweet to see Hattie’s pic.

Spelling shared just a glimpse of Hattie with the tweet: “I can’t believe 6 days ago this definition of deliciousness was in my belly! #I’mNHattieHeaven”

We get to see one side of baby Hattie’s head (she’s got hair!) and a look at a sweet baby ear. Hattie looks to be snuggled up in mom’s arms wearing some precious jammies.

Aw, just days old and she’s already making her debut on Twitter.

No doubt Tori Spelling will be sharing more Hattie photos on Twitter and her blog in the days to come.

Too cute!

Image: Tori Spelling Twitter

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