Tori Spelling: What Channel is Her WHOLE Family Addicted To?

What channel does Tori Spelling love to watch with the kids?

Finding a TV show or a channel that the whole entire family can agree on is not only a challenge but is usually an impossible task. One person may want ESPN or CNN, another Lifetime or Bravo and the kids usually would want Cartoon Network, Nick Jr. or PBS Kids. But there is one family that has found a solution.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott and there kids all enjoy the special, shows and programming of…

The Food Network!

Tori tweeted  “On vacation only channel we’ve been watching is @FoodNetwork perfct compromise 4 WHOLE family!Liam says “Put on cooking show!” We R Addicted”

I love it that they found something that all of them enjoy. And that hopefully means the kids will have some skills in the kitchen when they grow up!

Is there a channel or a show that your whole family loves?

Photo: Twitter