Tori Spelling's Kids Have Baby Name Ideas for Their Sibling

tori and dean
Tori and Dean's kids think they know what their sibling should be called

How much did you let your other children get involved in planning for a new baby in the family?

Did you tell your child if you were having a boy and girl? Have them pick out a present to welcome the new baby? Or did you get them really involved, like allowing them to help choose a nursery theme or even a baby name?

Tori Spelling’s kids have ideas for baby names for her third baby.

She tweeted “Liam wants a boy named ‘Spidey’ & Stella wants a girl named ‘Princess!'”

Maybe letting the kids decide something so important isn’t such a great idea! Mine picked out a special toy for their little brother.

How involved did you let your children be in welcoming their newest sibling?

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