Tori Spelling's Son Liam Hates the Paparazzi and Confronts Them!

Tori Spelling's son Liam doesn't like the paparazzi!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s son Liam is tired of the paparazzi following him around.

So sick of it that he is fighting them back!

On Tori’s blog, “EdiTORIal”, she wrote:

Liam just said, “I hate paparazzi. Next time I see one, I’m gonna spill soda on him, call him a bitch, and then maybe I’ll kick him in the wiener.”


Then she added photos of Liam walking right up to a photographer and blasting him!

I say, good for you Liam!  I love that he is totally fearless and rather than hide, he spoke his mind.

Now, as for the language he used?

Tori wrote:

“Disclaimer: I have no idea where Liam heard the word “b*tch”… but large men with cameras, beware!” Haha!