Tori Spelling's Son on Twitter: Pedicures, Calimari and Megan Fox


As reported last month, Tori Spelling’s three-year-old son took out his own Twitter account (read here Tori Spelling has way too much time on her hands) to regale us with his toddler witticisms.  In case you are not one of his nearly 28,000 followers, I’ve checked in on the tyke’s charmed little life so you don’t have to:

August 15: “Chicken fingers? No I’m fine. I’ll just have the calamari”
August 9: “Megan Fox is my girlfriend. She makes me happy. She loves me. “
August 7: “I LOVE girls. They just make me happy. They give me a kiss and a tickle”
August 6: “I needed my pedicure. I got green boys toes” (see picture above)
August 5: “Why do you love me? Is it because I’m handsome?”
August 3: “I’m SICK mom… I got a dirt bike crash!
August 3: “Going 2 my 1st day of summer school. Wish me luck peeps!”
August 2: “Mama you can’t goto work. Don’t go in. Tell them all to wait for you and read magazines”
July 30: “Fine Mom. I like “Beffanny Getting Marry” now. But why she pee in a bucket?”
July 28: “I just don’t like Vampires! They got sharp teeth and they drink my blood “
July 28: “I can’t sit without a BUTT!”
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