Tori Spelling's Son Rushed To Hospital

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Tori Spelling Rushed Her Son, Liam, To The Hospital.

Every mom fears it. Tori Spelling’s son, Liam, took a fall Wednesday morning (Jan. 19) and hit his head, earning him a trip to the emergency room.

Liam, who will turn four next March, fell off the kitchen table and hit his head on the floor. He began vomiting and thus, Spelling rushed him to the hospital.

The reality TV mother of two took to her Twitter to inform her followers about the incident: “Scary morning,” she wrote. “Liam fell off kitchen table rt on back of his head. Strted throwing up.”

She continued, “Jst got back from ER. He’s better. Jut hve 2watch him.”

Let’s hope all is well and Liam has a speedy recovery. And to all the parents out there, it never hurts to keep an extra eye on your child at all times.