Tori Spelling's Son Starts Kindergarten (Awwww!)

Liam ready for his big day. (via

A child’s first day of school is a wonderful and poignant experience – and Tori Spelling captures those emotions this week on her site,

The oldest of her four children, Liam, began kindergarten last week – a milestone moment that Tori admits left her misty-eyed.

She posted this pic of her handsome guy in his school uniform. You might think that a 5-year-old might balk at the thought of donning a jacket and tie, but Liam has been a fan of ties for a while, so he was “psyched” to be able to wear one five days a week.

The Craft Wars host and her husband, Dean McDermott, were both there to see their son head off to his first day. A typical mom, Tori was worried how Liam would react to this new situation. Would he be scared? Miss his parents? Freak out?

But – as kids often do – Liam taught his mom a lesson that day.

Tori reports that, far from being anxious or tearful, Liam blew her a goodbye kiss and gave her a confident thumbs-up.

“In that moment, my five-year-old completely settles my nerves,” she recalls in her blog. “I’ve spent five years calming him down with every fall, scrape, tantrum, afraid-to-sleep-in-the-dark moment, and now the tables had turned. He was calming me down, and I realized then and there that something had shifted. We were embarking on a new path together.”

That first step toward independence is both thrilling and bittersweet; Liam’s little-boy days will be a thing of the past before long. But luckily for Tori, she has the best of both worlds: she can enjoy having a school-age child and three smaller ones: 4-year-old Stella, 10-month-old Hattie and tiny Finn, just two weeks old today.

For more of Tori’s musings on Liam’s first day – and to share your own kids’ school pictures – visit

Here’s to a successful school year for Liam and students everywhere!

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