Tori Spelling's Three-Year-Old Son Launches Twitter Page


Liam McDermott, the three-year-old son of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, can now be found updating us on his life via Twitter. Well, it’s about time! I’ve been wanting pithy, frequent updates on how he’s doing! Seriously, please tell me Tori, who promises to dictate daily Liam quotes, doesn’t really have that much time on her hands? Well, Tori thinks her son is a big laugh riot, like he’s Jerry Seinfeld or something. So what does Liam have to say that’s so funny?

It’s called LiamsWorld and here are a few of his recent Tweets:

To accompany the photo of Liam posted here: “I love making jello castles. Jello wiggles and parties in my tummy.”

Along with a photo of a little girl: “This is one of my girlfriend’s Caitlyn. Don’t be jealous Megan Fox! There’s plenty of me to go around!”

Oh, and my personal favorite: “Oh no mama. We’ve got a problem… My butt is farting again.”

LiamsWorld garnered more than 10,000 followers within six hours of launching. “The response was not what I expected. It was insane,” Tori said.  Insane indeed.

Photo: Twitter