Tori Spelling's Tips For Shopping On Black Friday

tori spelling, black friday
Tori Spelling gives out black friday advice.

When it comes to holiday shopping, Black Friday is often the busiest day of the year! And Tori Spelling is giving out precious advice for those who wish to snag up some major deals this Thanksgiving weekend!

First and foremost, Spelling gives a list of things to buy including: Kitchen Gear, Furniture, DVDs, and Selected Electronics.

She stresses to not go out and purchase Jewelry, Toys, Watches, Winter clothing, Christmas Decorations, or Top-brand TVs.

And most importantly, her tips include:

  1. Set a budget.
  2. Decide what kind of items you plan to buy.
  3. Now that you have an idea of what you want, make a specific list.
  4. Use sites like to research sales and get discount codes and coupons.
  5. If you do plan to brave the crowds, take a buddy! You’ll need someone to help you avoid impulse buying and to provide second opinions.
  6. If you’re shopping in store, pay with cash so you don’t go over budget.
  7. While in store, use your phone to price compare while you shop.

Will you be following Tori’s advice? Take a look at her reasons why to buy and not buy certain items here.

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