Total Drama World Tour: The Drama Ends, Who Won Total Drama Island?


total drama world tourIt’s a wrap for Total Drama World Tour!  The latest edition of the Total Drama franchise ended it’s race around the world tonight with a bit of a controversy about who was really the winner. 

Who won Total Drama World Tour? 

It all came down to a race-off between Alejandro and Heather.  The duo reach the top of a volcano for the final face-off at which time Alejandro declares is love for Heather.   So who won the race?

Let’s sum it up with the declaration by the winner, “Boys Are OK, But a Million Dollars Is Way Better!”  Heather opted to sacrifice love and go for the M-O-N-E-Y!  

Heather responds to his declaration of love by kneeing the romantic Alejandro in the groin and tossing him off a volcano.   Watch the entire episode here.

Look for the next addition to the Total Drama series, Total Drama Reloaded, to debut next summer.

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