Toy Story 4? Toy Story "Small Fry" to Play Before Muppets Movie (Video)

toy story 4 short small fry the muppets
Toy Story 4? No, just "Small Fry" short before The Muppets

Is Toy Story 4 on the way? While we anxiously await word on whether Toy Story 4 will be a reality or not (please… no), news comes that a Toy Story short will play before the highly anticipated “The Muppets” movie.

At the D23 event in California, Pixar folks spilled that a Toy Story short titled “Small Fry” would play before The Muppets, similar to the short “Hawaiian Vacation” that showed before “Cars 2.”

According to the Huffington Post, the Toy Story Small Fry synopsis involves Bonnie, who you may recall from Toy Story 3 – she got all of Andy’s toys (sniffle). She leaves the Buzz Lightyear toy at a fast food restaurant, taking the kids meal equivalent of Buzz. Lightyear has to find his way back to Bonnie, and along the way finds a lost kids’ meal toy support group.

Jane Lynch will voice the mermaid warrior character who heads up the support group.

Could be promising… and at least it’s not Toy Story 4! I think most fans will agree that the third installment wrapped up the story pretty darn well.

There have, however, been clues that Toy Story 4 could happen, when Tom Hanks told BBC’s Breakfast News that he was “working on [‘Toy Story 4′] right now.” John Lasseter, when asked about Hanks’ slip in July, would not comment (video):

John Lasseter talks about Toy Story 4 by animatieblog