Toys From The ‘80s That I Had… But Would Never Buy My Own Kids (Photos)


tumblr_lurl0sYtV81qb206zThe 1980’s were an interesting era in not only fashion and politics, but apparently in kids toys, too. And while some toys from our favorite era are making a comeback to the new millennium (like Cabbage Patch Dolls, My Little Ponies, and Strawberry Shortcakes), there are some cult classics that look like they are going to be staying put in the back of a warehouse until some Generation Y child stumbles upon it (along with a vintage cassette tape) and ooohh and aaahhh at some of our most beloved treasures from our childhood (like our pound puppies or popples).

And while some of these toys give us warm and fuzzy nostalgic memories, there are just some that are just plain weird… and creepy. Take Teddy Ruxpin for example. He was a little bear who dared to venture into our hearts and minds by telling us stories of his great adventures. Teddy was equipped with a built-in tape deck in his back. When a special Teddy Ruxpin tape was inserted, he’d come to life, moving his eyes and mouth, and talking. I mean, everything was great until Teddy started talking about magic crystals, monsters and villain organizations and strange, intriguing lands. As a 7-year-old, how in the heck was I supposed to go to sleep after a bedtime story that involved all of that??

Check out our photo gallery of some of the most iconic, if not creepiest and weirdest toys of the 1980s and tell us, would you buy them now for your kids? I think I’d pass on some of these, LOL!

  • My Buddy And Kid Sister 1 of 5
    My Buddy And Kid Sister
    The biggest claim to fame for My Buddy is that it may (or may not) have been the inspiration for Chucky. You be the judge.

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  • Boglins 2 of 5
    Oh dear. Boglins were another one of the many creature toys of the 80s. They were rubber hand puppets that could be controlled either inside of the crate that they came with or outside of it. You could move their eyes left and right and also move their mouths and eyelids. Yeah, I would so let me 5-year-old play with this.... NOT! (Sorry for the eighties moment, there). They smelled pretty funky, too.

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  • PJ Sparkles 3 of 5
    PJ Sparkles
    Tthe makers of PJ Sparkles felt they needed to come up with a complicated back story and they even included a VHS cassette along with the doll. The short film tells the story of P.J., an orphan who wishes on a star for someone to love. Instead of finding her a caring and stable home, the wishing star sends P.J. to Twinkle Town. Despite its cheerful name, Twinkle Town is a foreboding, polluted place with no apparent order. It's populated by crowds of dingy children who immediately begin to cheer P.J. as soon as she arrives. Now that I think about it, PJ Sparkles was more like a messiah in a weird cult. I mean, REALLY?

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  • Hugga Bunch 4 of 5
    Hugga Bunch
    Hugga Bunch was produced by Hallmark and orginally started as characters on greeting cards. Eventually they rose to be a big hit in the early to mid 1980's and soon Hugga Bunch came in the form of books, dolls, clothes, toys, lunchboxes, and even a movie! Three decades later and they still CREEP ME OUT.

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  • The Pogo Ball 5 of 5
    The Pogo Ball
    During Christmas of 1988, I got a pogo ball from Santa Claus and no matter how many times I tried, I could never be a pogo ball master. Perhaps I was the most uncoordinated kid on my block, but that thing was HARD! Trying to master the thing took all the fun out of it. It's still a classic, though!

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