Tracking Santa on Google Earth! (VIDEO)

Tracking Santa on Google Earth: When will he be at your house?

You can be tracking Santa on Google Earth today. It’s a great way to not only build excitement about the holidays with your children, but also to teach them a little world geography without them even realizing it.

While NORAD has been tracking Santa’s yearly trip around the world since 1955, Google has been a part of it since 2007, using NORAD’s data with Google maps and Earth.

Santa is already on the move, so you can start tracking him now.  On Google Maps or Google Earth, on your computer or phone, just search for “Santa.”

You can watch a video of last year’s Santa trip around the world HERE: It will probably look much the same this year. Unless Santa really is stopping by my house first, the way that I tell my children in an effort to get them to go to sleep at a reasonable hour on Christmas Eve.

Will you and your children track Santa’s trip around the world?