Tragedy in Tucson: 9 Year Old Christina Taylor Green's Father on Today Show (Video)

Christina-Taylor Green child victim of Arizona shooting, tragedy in tucson
Christina-Taylor Green's father on the Today show

The tragedy in Tucson still has the nation in shock… 9 year-old Christina Taylor Green’s father was on the Today show this morning to talk about his daughter being shot and killed over the weekend in a Tucson, Arizona shooting that claimed the lives of six people and left U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition.

To say that Christina Taylor Green’s father’s interview on the Today show was heartbreaking would be an understatement.

Christina Green was the youngest of the victims of the shooting and was still alive upon arrival at the hospital, with her father, John Green, telling Meredith Vieira: “She was still alive when she got to the hospital. She was a fighter, but there was nothing we could do.”

Green added, “The only thing is, as a family, we wish we had a chance to be with her, and support her, and be with her while she was down.”

Christina Taylor Green was born on September 11, with her father saying, “She was very proud of that. She began her life with a tragedy on 9/11 and her life was ended with a tragedy here in Arizona, but it was nine good years in the middle so the tragedies were the bookends. The bulk of her life was wonderful and we loved every minute of it so.”

Diane Sawyer will anchor a special edition of “ABC World News” from Tucson, Arizona, covering the tragedy. It will air tonight, January 10 at 6:30 p.m. ET.