Tragic Mix-Up Causes Pain for Cantu and Guerra Families


In a horrible story out of California, two families are dealing with the tragic mix-up that is leaving everyone scratching their heads, thinking, “How could this happen?”

The families of Abby Guerra (pictured) and Marlena Cantu, two friends from Arizona involved in a fatal car accident after leaving Disneyland in Anaheim, were left shaken. In the aftermath, Cantu’s family was told that she was critically injured and transported to an area hospital, while Guerra’s family was told the devastating news that Abby was fatally injured in the accident and died on the scene. Well, imagine their shock when the families found out that the identity of the girls, who look strikingly similar, had been accidentally mixed up. And, naturally, the families are demanding answers. What explanations are officials saying about this horrific event?

Hospital officials are saying while it was tragic and unexpected, nothing was done wrong because, “in a trauma situation, the focus is on saving a life.” Hospital VP Suzanne Pfister insisted that the live passenger had facial injuries beyond identification, but that fingerprints and dental records are not done in those cases, and that the doctors and nurses were only acting as they had been trained. Abby Guerra’s parents, however, disagree, saying they were never given the chance to view the body of their daughter and had they been granted the opportunity, they would have immediately known it was not their daughter who was deceased. Cantu’s family is obviously devastated, and had little comment for the news.

So now, one family in the midst of planning a funeral has been given back their daughter, while another, who spent day and night at the bedside of who they believed to be their loved one, now has to come to terms with the fact that their daughter is dead. It is an understandable whirlwind of emotions, with both families speaking out against the mix-up. We can only hope the families get the answers thy deserve as they begin down a path of recovery and grief.


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