Tragic: NFL Star Randall Cunningham's Son Drowns In Hot Tub


Tragedy has struck the home of ex-NFL Eagle’s star Randall Cunningham.  The quarterback had a 16-year NFL career and is considered to be the best football player UNLV has ever had. But this week an incredibly sad thing occurred at the Cunnigham family home. Randall’s 2 ½ year old son Christian was found dead in the family’s Las Vegas hot tub. What happened?

Randall, who retired from sports, is a pastor for Remnant Ministries. Randall used the hot tub  – that was located in his backyard  – for baptisms for the congregation.  While he was out of town on a trip to Southern California, a woman was watching his son Christian as well as several other children. Apparently the toddler snuck away and was later found floating in the hot tub and had tragically drowned. Her attempts to revive him using CPR were unsuccessful.  Detectives ruled the situation an accident.

Randall’s church family has rallied around the pastor and there has been an outpouring of support. Randall and his wife Felicity have three other children.

Our thoughts go out to the Cunnigham family. So so sad.


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