Travis Barker Tweets About Shanna's "Child Molester" Uncle AGAIN


travis-shanna-fightingTravis Barker has once again turned to the Twitterverse in order to air his dirty laundry with Shanna Moakler concerning her “uncle” — who Travis insists is a “child molester.”

The cops were reportedly called to Moakler’s family home in Rhode Island after an argument broke out between the two very mature and level-headed parents.

Allegedly, Travis spotted Rick Sinnott’s (the alleged child molester) car in the driveway and refused to let Shanna take the kids inside.  When the cops arrived, they apparently asked Travis to leave the Moaklers’ home. Says Travis via his Twitter page:

“Would u leave your kids at a house where a child molesters(Rick Sinnott) car was present? Me neither. The REAL reason the cops were involved yesterday.”

Yeah, the reconciliation between these two is going swell. Earlier this month, Shanna told Us magazine that she and Travis were going to renew their vows and get back together. Right now, it doesn’t seem too likely.

While I’m not a huge fan of Twitter to begin with, there’s really nothing quite as ridiculous as a person who completely can’t figure out what to censor and what to broadcast. Geez, dude. Get a diary or something.