Trinny Woodall Came Back From The Brink


trinny-goodallTrinny Woodall and her daughter Lyla attended a fashion show in London. She wants her daughter to grow up and not make the same mistakes she did.

She recently talked about her battle with drugs and alcohol. She said that she tried everything when it came to drugs and that she was left emotionally bankrupt.

When she was 26, she went on a two-day bender and then finally went for help. “I drove down to the rehab centre in my hire car, shoving all these pills in my mouth, these tranquilizers, and I crashed the car on the way.”
‘But when I finally got there I walked in and felt such a sense of relief.’

She has a history of addiction in her family. “My grandfather was an alcoholic, my uncle was an alcoholic, so I can definitely see the physical addiction through the generations.

“It’s probably a mixture of growing up and taking things from my upbringing that made me feel insecure and the kind of person I already was when I was born. . . Once you’re in the throes of addiction I don’t think it matters what the substance is.

I would have never thunk it. . . Good for her, she seems to be doing well now. She’s happier now and has been sober for 19 years.

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