Tripps Grandma is Going to Prison! Not Sarah Palin — the Other One


levi_gq2While Levi Johnston was out basking in the glow of their 15 minutes in Los Angeles and New York, his Mom was back in Alaska getting ready to plead guilty to drug trafficking charges. And on Friday the gavel came down. Hard. Levi’s mom will be sentenced to five years in prison.

While Levi’s almost mother-in-law Sarah Palin was running for vice president, his mom Sherry apparently trying to sell Oxycontin the powerful painkiller.  She was initially charged last December after she sold the pills to a narc not once, not twice but three times.

Levi’s manager and arm charm Tank Jones said that “Levi was with his mom in court today, and he’s doing great,” he told “she got sentenced to five years with two suspended, but he’s doing ok.”

Yeah, baby Tripp’s grandmas certainly are busy ladies.