Trisha Yearwood Did It!


trisha-yearwoodTrisha Yearwood is really enjoying her time with her three step-daughters. The last few years she has been able to achieve a sense of that elusive work/home balance. That’s right it can be done. Oh wait, she’s not working, crud. I thought it could be done.
She’s been able to, “have the luxury of focusing on making every soccer game and being a bonus mom.” Instead of calling herself a step-mom, she likes to call herself a bonus mom, a term she learned from Jada Pinkett-Smith.

She says Garth’s girls are, ” smart and funny, and they’ve been really sweet to me. Garth and [ex-wife] Sandy have made it easy for me to become a part of the family. Garth gave me good advice: He said just be who you are, and you’ll earn it day by day with the girls. And I believe that I have.”

It’s nice to see that she and Garth have found such happiness together. It’s hard to come to a ready made family and not have any resentment.

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