Trista Sutter and the Witching Hour: What Happens to Our Kids Every Night?

witching hour
Trista Sutter's kids have a witching hour: do yours?

Something happens in my house every night around 5:30pm. My sweet little boys suddenly forget all the rules of the house! It’s the witching hour and oh, how I dread it!

Celeb mom Trista Sutter tweets: “Can anyone explain ‘the witching hour’ to me?? EVERY day around 6 pm…I’m exhausted & my kids act out. Something with the moon???”

Personally, I think my kids are just tired at that point. They are getting out the last bit of energy in some desperate attempt to be able to stay up later. Or maybe I’m just all out of patience by that time of day.

How do you handle the witching hour at your house?

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