Trista Sutter's Bikini Bod After Baby Number Two!



Former Bachelorette reality TV star, Trista Sutter, who married Ryan Sutter in 2003, admits it was harder to lose the baby weight the second time around.  She and Ryan are parents to son Max, 2, and daughter Blakesley, 6 months.

Trista says she gained almost 43 pounds with her daughter and it was a lot of work to get down to 108 pounds.

“It was harder to lose weight this time around.  I gained 10 more pounds this time,” said Sutter.

She added, “I’m in mommy mode all day long, so to have an hour to myself four times a week to just sweat it out is a little relief for me.

“My routine is a mix of cardio and interval resistance training.”

Trista’s diet was different the second time around as well.  “I had gestational diabetes with Max, so I really had to watch what I ate at the end of that pregnancy.  With Blakesley, I didn’t have diabetes, so I went all out – I ate everything.”

After a few weeks, the mom-of-two noticed changes.  “I’m definitely my own worst critic.  I’m very critical of how I look and feel, mainly because I want to feel sexy for my husband.”

She looks awesome!