Trista Sutter Is Rethinking Her Relationship - What Was She Regretting This Morning?

trista sutter
Trista Sutter Is Rethinking Her Relationship

Trista Sutter woke up this morning to realize something that most moms find out one time or another.  We’re just not as young as we used to be.  As a result a night on the town may take a bit more recovery time that it did back in the good old days.

The original Bachelorette tweeted her morning regrets writing, “Stoli vanilla and cokes are not my friend this morning. We were besties last night, but I’m rethinking our relationship.” 

The admission came hot on the hels of the pre-night out tweet, “We have not been out in a REALLLLLLY long time, but that is changing tonight. Let the 20th high school reunion festivities start!”

It’s a valuable lesson for us all!

Photo: Pacific Coast News