Trouble In Paradise For Ali Fedotowsky And Roberto Martinez?

Ali Fedotowsky Roberto Martinez
Are Ali And Roberto Cooling Off?

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez seem to have adjusted well to live in San Diego, and life with each other. Not too long ago we heard all about Ali’s wedding plans, and even how she had already picked out the song list for her reception. Though Ali and Roberto hadn’t yet decided whether or not to tie the knot on TV, they assured everyone that their nuptials would happen fairly soon.

Now it appears as though there may be trouble in paradise for America’s favorite Bachelorette couple. Ali and Roberto are slowing things down, and she told PEOPLE, “We’re waiting a little bit. We really want to make sure we’re doing this right.”

Ali also added that she and Roberto are “just as happy” as they were after The Bachelorette ended, but that they got caught up in the excitement of the show and are now just “enjoying life.”

That’s all well and good, but slowing things down is a good indicator that maybe things between them aren’t as picture perfect as Ali lets on.

She’s admitted to having a fear of commitment in the past, so could it be that she’s getting cold feet? Maybe she isn’t as ready for marriage and babies as she originally thought.

What do you think? Are Ali and Roberto cooling off, or just playing it cool?

Photo: Pacific Coast News