True Blood on the Cover of Rolling Stone - Too Much?


true bloodTrue Blood is on the top of my ‘Must See TV’ list, and this season has been one of the best so far. It’s been a battle of Vampire Hierarchy throughout that is no doubt going to culminate in a season finale that is full of blood, sex and vampire/werewolf showdowns! This is not Twilight people.

So when I saw the current cover of Rolling Stone magazine, I was mesmerized. Honestly, 3 of the shows beautiful stars, naked and covered in blood wow. As a grownup I loved it but as a parent I wonder, have we gone too far? Is this really something I need to explain to my kids when they see it on the shelf at the grocery store?

In the interview with Rolling Stone, True Blood creator Alan Ball states “To me, vampires are sex,” “I don’t get a vampire story about abstinence. I’m 53. I don’t care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed.”

For the record Alan Ball, I totally agree with you! But walking through the grocery store to see a picture of 3 naked people covered in blood is a bit much for this mother of 4! I mean I love the show absolutely love it. And normally seeing Alexander Skarsgard naked is not something I would object to, but seeing him on the cover of a magazine that my 8 year old daughter will also see is a bit much, and frankly I’m not ready to have that conversation yet!

True Blood is an adult show, on an adult network. I watch it when my kids are in bed and they have no knowledge of it or exposure to it. So is it ok for a magazine to put a picture like this on its cover? I understand that Rolling Stone is a magazine for adults, but it is still a mainstream publication that is on display at most newsstands. Have we gone so far into the ‘shock and awe’ state that we have lost sight of the fact that some things are better left for HBO.

So what do you think? Is the True Blood cover going too far?

Source: Rolling Stone