True or False? Top 11 Celeb Rumors of the Week! (Photos)

Could Jennifer Aniston have a wedding and a baby this year?

When it comes to celebrity gossip, this week was a doozy. Adoptions, baby names, baby bumps, walkoffs – we heard ’em all!

Of course, we have to take many of them with a giant brick of salt. A couple of the stories were the same hopeful speculation we’ve heard for months, and others were officially denied almost as soon as they broke.

But some had the ring of truth – like the sparkly bauble on Jennifer Aniston‘s finger that sure looks a lot like it came with a proposal. She and boyfriend Justin Theroux have also been seen around town looking awfully giggly and cuddly.

Speculation is also heating up that she’s finally pregnant. She’s looking just a little less than stick-thin in recent photos, and though she was spotted drinking wine early last month, reports say she’s been laying off alcohol since then. Jen continues to deny it, but only time – and her tummy – will tell for sure.

The double engaged-and-pregnant rumor gives her a slight edge over the rest, so we’re putting her at the top of this week’s rumor mill list.

Take a look to see who else got big buzz this week! What were your favorite items?

  • Charlize Theron adopted a son 1 of 10
    Charlize Theron adopted a son
    This adoption rumor, happily, proved to be 100 percent true. Her rep confirms that Charlize is now the thrilled mom of a boy named Jackson. Now if we could only see some pics!
  • Sandra Bullock is adopting again 2 of 10
    Sandra Bullock is adopting again
    The buzz on Thursday was that Sandra had completed the paperwork for another domestic adoption to give son Louis a sister or brother. But her rep denied the rumor later that day.
  • Neve Campbell is pregnant 3 of 10
    Neve Campbell is pregnant
    Although this picture was taken a few months ago, the signs of a bump are definitely showing - and today, it was made official. She's expecting her first baby later this year!
  • Drew Barrymore is pregnant 4 of 10
    Drew Barrymore is pregnant
    The actress, here with her fiance Will Kopelman, has been mum about becoming a mum, but her loose clothing is a pretty good hint - not to mention the fact that she's been carrying around saltine crackers.
  • Snooki’s having a girl 5 of 10
    Snooki's having a girl
    A source supposedly says the pregnant reality star - now filming her new show "Snooki and JWoww vs. the World" - has been having dreams that her baby is a girl. No confirmation from Snooks herself, but she has said she likes traditional Italian girls' names like Gia and Isabella.
  • Jessica Simpson has chosen her baby’s name 6 of 10
    Jessica Simpson has chosen her baby's name
    Word is out that Jessica's baby daughter, due next month, will be named Maxwell. Why? It's the middle name of fiance Eric Johnson, and the maiden name of his grandmother. So far, no denials from the mom-to-be.
  • Angelina and Brad are finally getting married 7 of 10
    Angelina and Brad are finally getting married
    The rumors just won't stop - yet another tabloid cover story says they'll be tying the knot soon, now that they've made up over a recent fight. But the same tab says Angie is pregnant with twin boys - and so far, her skinny figure shows no sign of bumpage.
  • Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans are quitting Teen Mom 2 8 of 10
    Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans are quitting Teen Mom 2
    A gossip mag claimed that the "Teen Mom 2" stars are leaving the show unless they get more money. But the two quickly shot down that rumor. Jenelle points out that she's in the process of moving so that the cameras will have a place to film her.
  • Kailyn Lowry partied in Vegas for spring break 9 of 10
    Kailyn Lowry partied in Vegas for spring break
    While it's true that "Teen Mom" star Kail and her boyfriend Javi enjoyed some time with friends in the glittery city, she set the record straight with us directly. She was there primarily for business, hosting a Scentsy party with a friend.
  • Sofia Vergara is having another baby 10 of 10
    Sofia Vergara is having another baby
    This one has a ring of truth. The sizzling "Modern Family" star told an interviewer that she's thinking of freezing her eggs just in case she decides to get pregnant in the future. She already has a 19-year-old son.

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