MJ's Kids Get Katherine's Share Of The Inheritance


michael jackson kidsContrary to earlier reports, Katherine Jackson won’t be getting the 40% of MJ’s estate that his will stipulates. Instead, trustees of the estate have decided that Katherine should get a generous stipend for the rest of her days, but that her 40% should go to Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket.

Initially, Katherine was to be given 40% of Michael’s estate, 40% would go to his kids, and 20% to charities. But since Katherine has taken guardianship of Michael’s kids, trustees have reconsidered exactly how MJ’s monies will be dispensed.

Trustees presiding over MJ’s will have decided to keep paying Katherine $86,000/month for the rest of her life, whatever is left over upon her death will be divided up between the 3 or more of Michael’s rightful heirs.

Has anyone else noticed that Michael’s unverified “secret son” Omer Bhatti doesn’t seem to be going anywhere (see the photo below taken last week)?