TSA Drama: John Tyner Refused to Be Searched- He Can't But Who Can?


John Tyner is famous. No, he’s not related to Steven Tyler, isn’t starring in a new movie, and he isn’t on a reality show (yet). John Tyler is famous for today for refusing to go through the new highly publicized and controversial backscatter x-ray machines. He told CNN – “I don’t think that the government has any business seeing me naked as a condition of traveling about the country.” Since he decided to “opt-out” he was told he would have to go through a “standard” pat down. And this isn’t the half-hearted pat down of yore, this is a complete “enhanced” pat down that included a pat down of the groin. This did not sit well with Steven Tyler. He stated, “if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.” Conflict and sadly not much resolution. There is now a Civil Suit pending and now it’s nationwide news.

So during the upcoming extremely busy Thanksgiving travel season will you and your family be victim to the Backscatter opt-out enhanced pat down? Well, not all of you…

If you’re children are pulled aside for any reason, they will not be subjected to the more thorough patting down process that adults may have to go through. The new enhanced pat down includes touching to the groin and the breasts (with the back of the hand).  Being through one of these enhanced pat downs could be quite tramatic to a child, at least it’s just us adults who will have to be felt up by strangers!

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