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TSA Drama: John Tyner Refused to Be Searched- He Can’t But Who Can?

By Sunny Chanel |

John Tyner is famous. No, he’s not related to Steven Tyler, isn’t starring in a new movie, and he isn’t on a reality show (yet). John Tyler is famous – for today – for refusing to go through the new highly publicized and controversial backscatter x-ray machines. He told CNN – “I don’t think that the government has any business seeing me naked as a condition of traveling about the country.” Since he decided to “opt-out” he was told he would have to go through a “standard” pat down. And this isn’t the half-hearted pat down of yore, this is a complete “enhanced” pat down that included a pat down of the groin. This did not sit well with Steven Tyler. He stated, “if you touch my junk, I’ll have you arrested.” Conflict and sadly not much resolution. There is now a Civil Suit pending and now it’s nationwide news.

So during the upcoming extremely busy Thanksgiving travel season will you and your family be victim to the Backscatter opt-out enhanced pat down? Well, not all of you…

If you’re children are pulled aside for any reason, they will not be subjected to the more thorough patting down process that adults may have to go through. The new enhanced pat down includes touching to the groin and the breasts (with the back of the hand).  Being through one of these enhanced pat downs could be quite tramatic to a child, at least it’s just us adults who will have to be felt up by strangers!

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6 thoughts on “TSA Drama: John Tyner Refused to Be Searched- He Can’t But Who Can?

  1. Dennis McKnight says:

    Way to go John! TSA hasn’t a clue. The unskilled and untrained, supervised by the ignorant and unknowing. If they had a clue they would be dangerous.

    I have been in law enforcement and security for 40 years, in the US and overseas. I am an FBINA grad and have two degrees and several hours of forensics training at college and practical levels.

    If you want to learn about airport security, go to Israel. I did. I learned a lot. They knew everything about me before I set foot in the airport. They never touched or xrayed me once.

    My wife died 3 yrs ago of cancer. The effects of cancer and chemo caused her to be weak, pale, skin and bones and yet, she was consistently pulled out of line and searched. But not me, if I was accompanying her. One might think, if two people are traveling together and one is searched, then both should be searched. Not so according to TSA.

    TSA screners routinely wear the same gloves to conduct dozens of searches of persons and baggage. What about the rule of transfer. They have never heard of it. I asked and got dumb looks.

    TSA is eyewash. An annoyance to citizens and causes unnecessary delays. If feds had shared info with locals, 9/11 would be just another day in September.

    Giving unbridled authority to airborn waitresses is definately not the answer. They were rude before. Now they are just plain snotty and passengers have no recourse. A look of displeasure by a passenger will be interpreted as an attempted intimidation and a federal offense. Have you noticed they quit wearing visible name tags?

    Here is another stupid rule. If, as a law enforcement officer, I have the need to fly armed, I submit my credentials to the liaison at the ticket counter, then I do not go through security, neither I nor my carry-on will be searched. I can do that many days in a row. The next day I show up, not armed, and must be searched. But the next day I show up armed and will not be searched. Duh! That makes no sense at all.

    In the early 70s local law enforcement filled in for the shortage of sky marshals. It worked fine. If there had been one armed local law enforcement officer on the plane, untrained passengers would not have to deal with the guy with a shoe bomb or flamming underwear. Last I heard, a 40 cal. beats a box cutter. It is all too suspicious to me.

  2. darrell simon says:

    Hopefully someone can let this guy know how nice his gesture made me feel. Its really quite simple: The government has an agenda and in order to complete it must slowly get people used to fascist type security checks. So we are told that anyone can be a potential terrorist and… I would not put it past these bastards to induce “anyone” to be caught with various items in various places that justify more invasive body searches.

    People have to wake up and realize that soon they will have us bending over a rail…. how many of our civil liberties should we give up because another plant can be found with “explosives” in their vagina? or undies?

    Airports have become an excuse to deny people their rights. This gentlemen and his act which went viral probably delayed horrible fascists who had planned on getting good people to take the slippery slope to another level.

    I am SICK OF THESE SICK PEOPLE WHO HAVE TAKEN MYSELF AND MY SON ASIDE AND ALLOWED US TO HAVE TO BE DEMEANED IN FRONT OF SOME RENT A COP. Not even the worse terrorist ever brought a son of daughter along… People should all resist this bullshit it is a ploy to get people acclimated to the idea that our civil liberties can be negotiated for the sake of the convenience of the state. Fascism pure and simple, Fascism on the first part of a slippery slope.

  3. Priscilla Nicholson says:

    You got your names crossed…John Tyner…right..reread your article you quoted Steven Tyner…really confusing..

    Now John thank you for standing up, and more of us have to refuse this. I no longer fly. I will not be exposed to radiation nor have anyone putting their hands on me.

  4. Gracie says:

    Has anybody started a legal defense/civil fine/other for this guy? Is there any paypal address out there? I would donate.

  5. david says:

    government sanctioned child pornography!

    Unfortunately, genital pat downs are not new. It has been done frequently for many years now. Ever see a curtain off area next to the security area. That’s where it happens. My father who traveled internationally and domestically on business were frequently subject to genital pat downs. It was blood-boiling to hear how he was somehow “randomly chosen” again from his business trips. If you were wondering, my father is 100% Asian. (korean)

    I never believed that the back scattering images can be secure. all it takes is a TSA agent with a cell phone camera. Or a eager person with a mirror and a zoom capable camcorder. How do you safe guard against that ?

    I want to see members of congress and their families, all the TSA agents and their families get pat down and/or get their naked picture taken my the scanners. But I am naive to believe that they travel on via commercial airlines, huh ?

    Speaking of children, do they pat down the children too? They Have to. what if a bomb is attached to a child? It is government sanctioned groping of children or production of child pornography. When every child in all the airports get genital patted down by grown men or women. Or get their naked picture taken. Of course, the parents will have to watch all this happening or face a $10,000 fine per refusal. This may sound extreme but think about it.

    It is wrong when my father had to go through it all those years. And it is wrong now.

  6. Nicky says:

    Air travel is not a right. No one is forcing you to use an airplane to travel. If you want to travel in an airplane you need to follow the regulations. If you don’t like the regulations you can complain to the government on your own, not by causing commotion at a busy airport.

    This guy came to the airport with the intention of causing a scene and recording it to get his 15 minutes of fame. I’m sure he was a major inconvenience to the other passengers who don’t have a problem with the new security measures. What he did was purely selfish and a stunt to get instant popularity. I hope this doesn’t spawn copycats all over the country who will delay all our travel plans.

    Bottom line: If you don’t like it, don’t fly. If enough people don’t fly- they’ll change. Don’t cause trouble at the airport and inconvenience the rest of us.

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