Tunisia Map: Home of STAR WARS- Country in Midst of Revolution


Tunisia Map

Tunisia was once home to a fictional war. You Star Wars fans may know it by another name – Tatooine. When one looks at the Tunisia Map you can point out several places in the South where George Lucas’ masterpiece was shot. And for those of you counting at home, four out of five of the Star Wars films were – in part- shot there.

George Lucas said of his choice of Tunisia, “When I was searching in 1977 for a place to make the first Star Wars movie I found Tunisia the ideal country for filming: beautiful countryside, unique architecture and a very high level of technical sophistication.”

But now Tunisia is going through a revolution. There are have been large riots in response to unemployment and corruption and today there was in the upheaval of president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The African country has been going through some hard times, especially financially.

But if and when things get better (which they hopefully will soon), this would be an ideal place for a vacation for the uber Star Wars fan. Why? Because the Star Wars sets were preserved! For example, you can stay in Luke Skywalkers’ Tatooine home which is now a hotel. And at The Yardangs in Chott El-Gharsa that is where the big battle between Qui-Gonn and Darth Maul in Episode I was filmed. And near there you can see where the pod races were shot at Mos Espa and in the area there still stand the shops, streets and more that were built for Star Wars. And in all these areas are props from the film sprinkled about. They know it’s a big tourist draw and have opted to keep it all as the filmmakers left it. Yup, pretty cool.

You can find out more about the Star Wars Tunisia Tours right here.

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