Twilight's Kristen Stewart is Pregnant Again? Robert Pattinson Spills The Beans To Oprah


The internet was all a twitter – and even twitter was a twitter-  with yet another rumor that the Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are in the process of procreating. But this was something taken totally out of it’s humorous context during an appearance on Oprah for promotion for Twilight Eclipse.  What really went down?

Well, the interview won’t be airing until Thursday but apparently Oprah asked Robert the million-dollar question whether he and Kristen were dating. He quipped that Kristian was pregnant and Kristen replied that Robert was actually going to give birth the baby. Many chuckles ensued.

But it ain’t all funny. The media has been trying to impregnate Kristen with Robert’s seed for quite a while. In July 2009, the Australian tabloid New Weekly claimed that they had a source that confirmed that Kristen was knocked up.  News that broke many Edward Robert Pattinson fans hearts here, there and everywhere. But they all rejoiced when it was found to be a false rumor.

So why is everyone so keen on not only seeing these two hook up but to have them seal the deal with a child? Is the power of Twilight so strong that fans want to see the lines between fantasy and real life merge even more? A real Twilight baby! As long as Robert doesn’t start drinking blood it’s all good.

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