Twilight Mania: 'Eclipse' DVD Release at 12:01 Saturday


Eclipse DVDTwilight mania begins tonight, as eager Twihards wait to buy The Twilight Saga: Eclipse DVD. The first DVD copies of Eclipse will go on sale at 12:01 a.m. and there are special Eclipse release parties in stores all over the country.

Both films set DVD release records: The Twilight Saga: New Moon sold over 4 million DVD units in its first weekend of release in March of 2010 – a tally surpassing Twilight, which sold 3.8 million DVD units in its first weekend in 2009, and went on to be the top selling DVD title of the year with 9.2 million units sold. Thousands of retails locations nationwide took part in midnight release events for insatiable Twilight fans, who are eager for more of the continuing story in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

In less than five years, Stephenie Meyer has become a worldwide publishing phenomenon. The translation rights for her four Twilight novels have been sold in nearly 50 countries and 100 million copies have been sold worldwide. Her books have been on the bestseller list for over 142 weeks, and counting.

If you are a Twilight fan, you can visit the Twilight: Eclipse website to find a DVD release party near you. Until you can watch the DVD, here’s a preview:

Photo: Kimberley French
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