'Twilight' on TMC Tonight, Tweet with Other Fans #TwilightTMC


twilightTwilight, the first movie in the Twilight Saga series will air on TMC starting at 8pm EST.  Twilight fans can drool over Robert Pattinson in the first vampire romance while tweeting with other Twihards!

A vampire romance might not seem like a holiday movie but today is the shortest day of the year, so settling in for a night of Bella and Edward is a great idea.  Twilight fans have been buzzing on Twitter about the movie night and Twihards will be live Tweeting while the movie airs, to chat about Edward, Bella and company as it happened.

Watch the story of the new girl in town named Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) who falls for a handsome, mysterious high school classmate named Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) who, along with his family, is hiding a deadly secret. Taylor Lautner costars in the supernatural drama but not as much screen time for Taylor in the first Twilight film.

Twilight airs on TMC at 8pm EST and Twilight fans are already chatting up the movie-fest tonight.  If you want to talk live with other Twihards on Twitter while the movie is playing, the hashtag is #TwilightTMC.

Photo: Deana Newcomb