Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn May Be Too Steamy: PG-13 Rating Enough?

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Breaking Dawn: Steamy Scenes!

Twilight Saga fans and parents beware! 

First there was all kinds of talk about the pretty gruesome birth scene in the final installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn.

Now, there is a big warning about the honeymoon scene between Kristen Stewart’s character Bella and Robert Pattinson’s Edward.

The scenes will be super steamy!

Maybe even steamier than a PG-13 rating?

I think it might be a good idea for parents to check out the film first before allowing their tweens or teens to watch.

An insider said that the movie “has a pretty sexual tone with a lot of the characters this time around.”

How will the book translate to film?  Will the big screen version of this scene reflect the same passion?

“It’s dead on with the book,” a source said.

The movie’s script, penned by Melissa Rosonberg, is “really good,” according to the insider.   She assured fans Breaking Dawn will be PG-13 just like the rest of the franchise, but at the same time wouldn’t cut anything from the story.

But it sounds like this installment will definitely push the limits!