Twilight Stars Head to the Small Screen: Life After "Breaking Dawn"

After "Breaking Dawn" do the actors head turn to television roles?

There has to be life after the Twilight Saga. Like it or not, there are only the four books and five movies.  So, what are the stars of Twilight to do after their roles have run their course on the big screen?

Some are finding roles on television.

Christian Serratos plays Bella’s friend Angela in the series.  After she is done filming Breaking Dawn, she is moving on to a not-yet-named series to air on ABC family about private school students. 

Jamie Campbell Bower is going from playing one of the powerful Volturi(Caius) to the role of King Arthur in Starz’s “Camelot.”

Rachelle Lefevre, who played Victoria in Twilight and New Moon, will be seen in ABC’s “Off the Map” starting next month.

Will you watch these Twilight stars in their new roles? What about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Could you see Edward and Bella playing different characters on the small screen?