Twilight Zone? Kristen Stewart's Grandparents Believed Pregancy Rumor


robertpattinsonkristenstewartkissKristen Stewart’s character Bella gets knocked up with a vampire baby in the next Twilight movie, but there have also been rumors in real life that she and her boyfriend Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson were with child.

They were false, but Kristen’s grandparents did not think so when they first read about the news in the tabloids!

“I had my grandparents call my mom when people thought I was pregnant for a while,” says Kristen. “I don’t really know why but my grandparents believed it. They were convinced. My mom was like ‘You guys, you have to stop reading all this stuff, because that’s not the case. You should stop reading magazines in the grocery store’.”

That’s great advice! It’s something us fans should probably heed as well.