Twitter Pics Replace Traditional Birth Announcements for Celeb Moms?

rachel zoe
Rachel Zoe tweeted baby Skyler's pic

Did you try to get the perfect newborn picture of your child to use on a birth announcement to send to friends and family?  Agonizing over the picture, the style of card, and the wording?

Well, now, you can just post newborn pics on facebook or twitter with a message about when your child was born and their stats. Celebs like Rachel Zoe tweet out pics of their newborns.

I wonder if Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will tweet out pics of their twins when they are born! It’s such an easy way for celebs to let their fans know about the birth of their babies!

Or later, to let fans see how their babies are growing, like this cute pic of James Van Der Beek’s baby.

Photo: Twitter