Twitter Wars: Why Do The Real Housewives Hate Tweet Maxine?


There is currently a war waging in Twitterland. This battle is being escalated not unlike an epic fight between good and evil. But this isn’t a war between countries or companies. It’s a controversy between reality TV stars from the Real Housewives and a certain infamous Twitter poster who goes by the name Tweet Maxine the self proclaimed “Bravo TV Mole.”

The first time Tweet Maxine made waves was with what is being called Baby Gate. She claimed that she was in contact with the staff at the hospital where Bethenny Frankel gave birth and announced it was a boy. There was speculation that Jill Zarin, when she incorrectly announced the gender, got the info from Maxine. But Maxine also claims that Jill Zarin feeds her info and also that “Bethenny & Jason schemed to plant a story, and then used ME to set-up Jill Zarin.” Yeah…messy.

But now she is making more waves. This time she is wrangling with the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Tweet Maxine is making some pretty damning and yet totally unproven accusations about Dina Manzo’s charitable organization called Project Ladybug. And Dina and the other ladies of New Jersey ain’t taking it laying down. Dina, Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline bonded together and decided to block anyone who follows Tweet Maxine. Dina wrote “The girls and I will start blocking all who follow Maxine as of tonight as well. This is your chance to unfollow it!” and also stated, “Just to be clear, there is NO BRAVO or FAMILY MOLE. Anyone who follows them is just adding to their crazy. We will block anyone who follows!”

And just last week Caroline tweeted,  “tweet maxine is a lunatic that I blocked a long time ago, no truth to anything that person says.”

Tweet Maxine spills venom about almost all the cast of all the Real Housewives but saves sweet things to say about Kelly Bensimon from the New York series and also seems to have an obsession with Gretchn Rossi from the Orange County series and making claims she will be working with her. There are also some odd things about Tweet Maxine. She gives herself Q & A asking questions to herself and answering them like “QUESTION: Don’t you think Jason is good-looking?  ANSWER: Jason is NOT good looking. B picked someone who wouldn’t overshadow her in the looks dept. She can’t handle pretty people.” She will block anyone who uses profanity or swears.  And she seems to be totally obsessed with Gretchen’s long blond locks.

So how is she the expert on all things Real Housewives? She claims :  ” I didn’t choose this. And, I don’t want fame. started out focusing ONLY on politics…not sure how I became a repository 4 all things.” And also that she received “all kinds of Info fr NBC, doctor’s offices, production assistants, friends of friends etc…some of it is already on the web…”

Is this freedom of speech at work, a real Bravo mole or someone with an undying obsession with all things Real Housewives?