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'Two and a Half Men' Cancelled: Spinoff In The Works?

By Chris Rogers |

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'Two and a Half Men' Is Cancelled.

Now that Two and a Half Men has been cancelled for the season and most likely indefinitely, many are wondering if the series can be saved without Charlie Sheen. Perhaps a spinoff could be in the works?

In my opinion, Sheen is disposable. Yes he is one of the stars of the series, but Spin City worked without Michael J. Fox and One Tree Hill has been putting along without Chad Michael Murray or Hilarie Burton.

Here are our ideas of how to spinoff Two and a Half Men…

1. Alan Harper gets married and moves across the country with his wife and son. It could be the typical family sitcom.

2. Evelyn Harper gets sent to a senior citizens group home.

3. Jake Harper’s life at school; more a teenage sitcom.

How would you spinoff Two and a Half Men?

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0 thoughts on “'Two and a Half Men' Cancelled: Spinoff In The Works?

  1. J.W. Cole says:

    I wouldn’t make a spinoff.
    Problem solved.

  2. Derek says:

    Have Charlie’s character “die” somehow (Vegas debauchery?), and in his will he leaves half his home to some past drinking buddy or to Herb who has split from Judith who Alan has to share with. Bring back Candi as well, and they try to live off Charlie’s royalties but can’t agree how it should be split.

  3. gibb watkins says:

    i think a spinoff would be great. I was a fan of the show, but sheen needs help. How much more can you do with the character, and come on, the shows are becoming boring.

  4. Donald Richter says:

    O.k. Charlie is going to move go to Las Vegas as a piano bar player, leaving the house to Charlie, Alans wife really is gay and herb moves in with Alan to help pay the bills, he takes Charlies place, as a rich doctor. It’s the writers that make the show.. Keep Rose Berta evelen it would still be two and a half men Jake could be a real part of the show, and Herb is a great guy, bring in Drew Carrie, there could be more guests Hey Denise Richards there ya go…

  5. J.D. Smith says:

    The obvious, kill off Charlie’s character (drinking binge & car crash, not much of a stretch). Allan can hook up with Rose and the show continues from there.

  6. lorna says:

    OTH sucks without Peyton!!

  7. J.ALame says:

    NO SPINOFFS. I think all the loyal fans should call for Charlie’s come back to the show. No, the show is NEVER boring; it is and will remain the best tv sitcom. I don’t agree, the show can’t be the same without Charlie, he is the START. The show revolves around Charlie’s life for God’s sake.

  8. J.ALame says:

    Sorry, I misspelled STAR.
    I wanted to say Charlie is the STAR of the show.

  9. Tardif says:

    I hope things work out and someone man’s up to cont. the show . I wish the best to Sheen and to the people that own the show … I think they could write his real life history into the show with rehab and have him on when he is able to be there .That way people still tune in . I would … take care everyone from the Canadian ….

  10. A critic says:

    2 & a half men is one of the worst shows on television. Easily eclipsed by gems like The League on cable. Long death or short death, just let it die.

  11. Dominic Swett says:

    Charlie dies and leaves everything to Jake including his book of secrets on hooking up with beautiful women . The show would be about jake becoming a man . Allen stays sponging off Jake and still sucking at life .

  12. Walter says:

    have a dark secret with alan. and he has a son.bye herbs sister. that will bring herb in the show more and make the son about the same age jake was when the started the series. since jake will be a man next year. and they can keep the same name as 2 and a half men. and let jake be the brothers role model. since charlie has corrupted jake in the series.. jake can try to act like charlie. and let alan try to keep control of the 2 being a single parent of 2 boys. and since alan slept with herbs sister would bring back the old fights they use to have.

  13. Rebecca says:

    There are two spin offs, one about herb and judeth, the baby and Jake, and one in which Charlie runs off with Rose and Alan is left with the house and Jake and Berta…

  14. Nate Dogg says:

    A Prequel. Revisit Charlie and Alan at school in a Wonder Years-esque sitcom.

  15. Jacob says:

    Charlie and Rose get married.Charlie leaving the house with Alan & Jake, letting Berta be a live-in housekeeper.Meanwhile Judith and Herb move to another state.Also the spinoff can introduce a son of charlie:Charlie Jr.The show can still be called Two and a Half Men.

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