'Two and a Half Men' Cancelled: Spinoff In The Works?

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'Two and a Half Men' Is Cancelled.

Now that Two and a Half Men has been cancelled for the season and most likely indefinitely, many are wondering if the series can be saved without Charlie Sheen. Perhaps a spinoff could be in the works?

In my opinion, Sheen is disposable. Yes he is one of the stars of the series, but Spin City worked without Michael J. Fox and One Tree Hill has been putting along without Chad Michael Murray or Hilarie Burton.

Here are our ideas of how to spinoff Two and a Half Men…

1. Alan Harper gets married and moves across the country with his wife and son. It could be the typical family sitcom.

2. Evelyn Harper gets sent to a senior citizens group home.

3. Jake Harper’s life at school; more a teenage sitcom.

How would you spinoff Two and a Half Men?