Two of the Duggar Boys Save 6-Year-Old Girls Life


duggar-family-1The odds that a member of the Duggar clan would save a life are probably much higher than if someone in your family would. Why? Because there are just so many more of them!

A news station (KHBS) is reporting that two of the Duggar boys Joshua and John- helped save the life of a six year old girl the last week.  The girl was a passenger in a car that crashed right in front of John’s car dealership in Arkansas. The boys pulled her out of the car and administered CPR and called 911. They also assisted when the EMTS arrived on the scene. It turns out the little girl had been eating chicken nuggets at the time of the accident and one of them had gotten lodged in her airway during the collision. But thankfully, and in part to the life saving efforts of the Duggar boys, the girl is alive today and recovering in the hospital.

You can check out a video of the story here.


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