Ty Burrell's Own "Modern Family" Gets Bigger: A New Daughter!

Family man Ty Burrell

On Modern Family, Phil Dunphy is the proud (if bewildered) dad of two daughters and a son. Now his counterpart, Ty Burrell, is well on his way to making life imitate art.

He and wife Holly exclusively told People that they just became parents to their second daughter.

But in one respect, the new addition follows Family‘s Cam and Mitchell more closely than Phil and Claire.

Ty and Holly chose adoption to expand their family, as they did with their 2-year-old daughter, Frances. No name was announced yet (would it be too much to hope for “Lily”?).

They’re keeping details private for now, which is as it should be. For Pete’s sake, they have a darling new baby at home, with tons of cuddles and kisses and family albums ahead of her. Let’s give them a little down time before we start with the onslaught of questions (domestic vs. international adoption? open vs. closed? how long did they wait? will they adopt again?)

Congratulations to the happy sleep-deprived parents!

[Photo: via Pacific Coast News]

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