Tyra Banks Planning to Have a Baby: Watch Tyra on Piers Morgan (Video)

tyra banks baby plans
Tyra Banks planning to have a baby soon!

Tyra Banks is planning to have a baby, she shared during a recent interview with Piers Morgan (video).

Tyra, who has been a supermodel, had a talk show, has the successful America’s Next Top Model series and attends Harvard business school, is ready for one more challenge – motherhood!

During her interview with Piers Morgan, she tells him she’s in a relationship and notes, “I definitely want babies.”

When asked if she’ll start a family soon, Banks responds, “Yeah,” and when Piers Morgan asks Tyra, “Are you trying to have a baby?” Banks replies,”Yeah, maybe.”

Tyra Banks doesn’t feel it’s “necessarily necessary” to be married before having a child.

With Tyra’s brains and beauty? This kid is gonna be one smart cutie!

Watch the Tyra Banks Piers Morgan interview.