Tyrese and Shayla Hit The Streets


Tyrese  posted a picture of himself and his daughter Shayla on his Twitter feed. He was spending a little quality time with his daughter and wanted to show all the dads out there how it’s done.

He posted the picture with the caption: “What does a REAL STAR look like???”

Tyrese has some pretty level-headed and mature thoughts about fatherhood and single parenthood. I’m really impressed with what he has to say.

“Fathers, even if you and the mother of your child are not on the same page, you still have to do your part! …We all can make babies, but it takes a man to raise them and do [his] part. I repeat, do your part.”

“To all single women that are doing the job of both mother and father, I love you and you are truly queens of our earth. A lot of women don’t know that they’re doing it, but they use their kids as weapons towards their fathers. This is just horrible. That’s who you decided to have that child with. It’s not the kids’ fault. Allow that man to be a father especially if he wants to be a father.”


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