Ugly Meter App: Just Another Form Of Cyberbullying?

ugly meter
Will the Ugly Meter lead to cyberbullying?

It’s ironic that on Spirit Day, a day set aside to embrace our differences and denounce the intolerance that leads to cyberbullying and suicide, that a new app is making headlines for apparently encouraging the opposite. The Ugly Meter app uses a scan of a person’s face to rate them on a scale of 1 (attractive) to 10 (“You look like you ran a 100-yard dash in a 90-yard gym” according to the app ha ha).

But what’s causing concern among parents is the potential that this app could be used for cyberbullying, a phenomenon that’s running rampant right now and causing so many kids such unneeded heartache.

You can just imagine kids passing around the phone, recording each other’s scores, and teasing them mercilessly and that’s just among friends.

If a kid who’s already a bullying target is photographed and deemed “ugly” on the Ugly Meter, I can only imagine the things kids will be saying and how they’ll be sharing them on Facebook, via text, via Twitter and so many other places.

What do you think will the Ugly Meter be used for bullying, or is it just clean fun? Unfortunately these days, it seems there’s no such thing as good clean fun, at least in cyberspace.