Uh-oh! Jake Gyllenhaal Better Listen to These Rilo Kiley Lyrics! (VIDEO)

Jake Gyllenhaal date
Would Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis break Jake Gyllenhaal's heart?

Jake Gyllenhaal brought his ex-girlfriend Jenny Lewis, the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, to the Golden Globes last night as his date. The two might just be friends for now…or maybe they just don’t want to admit to a relationship so soon after Jake broke Taylor Swift’s heart.

But, before Jake Gyllenhaal decides to try to make a relationship with Jenny Lewis work this time around, he should be careful and listen to the lyrics of this Rilo Kiley song, “Breakin’ Up.”

“Ooooh, it feels good to be free
Oooh it feels good to be free
Oooh it feels good to be free”

That can’t be good!

Photo: PRPhotos