Uma Thurman Wants To Move To LA


Uma Thurman is afraid. She’s afraid she spent too much time in New York working, instead of Los Angeles.

She’s stayed in New York for years, because she wanted to be close to her kids. She wants to return to LA, now. She wants to go back now, because she’s afraid she won’t have a career to go back to.

“I am a mother, but I need to do what I’m good at doing. Even your kids need you to be who you are.
“I’ve been living at home for work for a long time. If I don’t leave soon, I’m going to literally choke my career to death.”

So does that mean the kids are going to go to LA with her. This seems like an odd time to uproot them. They’re 11 and 7 and in school and have friends.

My son was done with kindergarten when we moved and it was hard to move him from him friends.

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