Uma Thurman’s Sexy Divalyscious Look In London! (Photos)


Uma Thurman’s sexy Divalyscious look in London is setting the recors that she is far from unsexy! Last month she was voted tenth unsexiest woman in Hollywood by Menkind Magazine!

  • Uma Therman 1 of 6
    Uma Therman
    Uma Thurman leaving LouLou's members club at Mayfair in London.
  • Diva? 2 of 6
    Uma has a very diva look to her tonight!
  • The Dress! 3 of 6
    The Dress!
    That is serioulsy a beautful, different kind of dress! Love it!
  • Makeup! 4 of 6
    I would love to see a little more color to Uma's eyes and lips!
  • Shoes! 5 of 6
    Love Uma's nude shoes and perfect red toes!
  • Jacket? 6 of 6
    Are the ties from the jacket or from the dress?

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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