Un-Photoshopped Madonna Pics Leaked


madonna-unshoppedJust in case the intense retouching of celebrity photos has allowed you to forget, the Queen of Pop will turn 52 in August. And although the mother of 4 may be in excellent physical shape, recent photos show that Madge is not immune to the aging process.

Of course we all know that photo retouching is incredibly widespread these days, just like we know that tons of celebrity moms undergo top secret procedures to lose their baby weight, but I’m not quite sure I believe these “pre-production” photos are actually completely un-docted.

The HuffPo published them side by side with the officially released versions and, to put it plain, the pics are night and day.

Still, if Photoshop can make a person look younger, it can also be used to make someone look older than they really are. Do you think these pics are for real?